Let’s learn English together

English is fun! Let’s start together!


Why learning English is important??

To begin with, we need to see some reasons why English is important!!

  • It is considered as an international language
  • Enables people to travel around the world and communicate with foreigners
  • Opens doors to a better lifestyle, as it is required for most jobs

Can you help me by adding some more ideas? Why is English important to you??

Let’s try to find our learning styles!

Most people have a preferred way to learn.

  • Some learn best by listenig (auditory)
  • Some learn by seing or visualising (visuals)
  • And some learn by doing (kinesthetic)

Most people learn with a combination of the above. Whatever your learning style, finding out what that is can help you learn a lot about youself and how you can achieve more!

Follow this site and do the test and find your learning style:  20 Question Test

Write a comment with your learning styles!!!!